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Interactive Real Estate Tour Hosting Platform
Create - Manage - Publish
A professional platform for realtors and photographers

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Our Tour Types Available

Our Multimedia Marketing Tour Types

Note: Our software caters for both realtors who want to build their own tours ("Self-Service") or brokers. If you want to license our software, please contact us.

Interactive 360 Degree Virtual Tours

If you have access to a Virtual Tour camera, you can build an interactive 360 degree virtual tour by uploading your spherical images to our system. We have two platforms, Java & Flash so you can choose either one to display your virtual tours. With our Virtual Tour system, you will have the ability to create hotspots on every photo. This means you can link every virtual tour scene to the next to create a walk-through type tour. View Sample Tour

Interactive 180 Degree Virtual Tours

Now you create Virtual Tours with your panoramic images. Simply upload your 180 degree images and select the '180 degree tour viewer'. You can also add hotspots to any image to link to the next virtual tour scene. 180 degree Virtual Tours can be as effective as 360 degree Virtual Tours with no need for special cameras. View Sample Tour

Interactive Streaming Video Tours

If you have a video of a property, now you can upload it to our system. The file must be in .flv format, however if you send the files to us we can convert them for you. We do have conversion software you can download from our system.

You can also add hotspots to floor plans and maps that link to videos. View Sample Tour

Multimedia Video-Link Slideshow Tour

Now you can have a video without using a camcorder. Simply use your own photos, upload them to our system and set the transitions on every photos, zoom, panning and much more!

You can overlay text on your video-like tour and animate that text to describe the photos and create a virtual video without the lengthy editing process of real video! View Sample Tour

Photo Slideshow Tour

Photo Slideshows are nothing fancy, however we have three styles to choose from, panning, thumbnail and fading. you can also create multiple galleries within the slideshow to filter out the property you are marketing from 'About The Area' photos. You can add text and captions and have a full screen option. View Sample Tour

e-Book Flipping Magazine

Upload your .jpg photos or .swf (flash) pages to create a unique flipping magazine. This magazine will feel like you are turning the pages. If you are tech savvy, you can even embedded flash video within the pages. Brilliant for agent profiles. View Sample Tour

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